Thursday, October 26, 2006

Downloading Files vs. Streaming

We realize these audio files are fairly large and will take sometime to download unless you have signed up for the podcast and have software (itunes, etc) which can download much more quickly and you can listen to the recordings on your MP3 players. We are considering offering this in a streaming audio format as well, for those who may wish to listen on their computers and will not wait for the file to download. Anyone who has feed back on this, let me know. Thanks

The Methadone Market

Alex Wodak, MD, world renowned leader in drug treatment, leads an interesting, exploratory discussion on Methadone as a failed market. He questions whether heroin consumption follows other marketing models (e.g alcohol), with disproportionate consumption - do 20% of heroin users consume 70% of heroin? And if so, should treatment be aimed predominantly at these individuals to combat crime and new converts. He poses the question as to how many people should receive methadone, buprenorphine and other treatments and even if those numbers were known, could demand be met? In the end, he concludes Methadone is a failed market worldwide because demand outstrips supply due outside influences (politics, cost, stigma, etc).

October 26, 2006

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Drug Testing & Screening

Dr. Robert Newman and Peter Vanderkloot discuss the various types, process, reliability and purpose of drug testing and screening. The discussion covers general issues from employment testing to more specific drug screening that occurs within the scope of addiction treatment.
October 10, 2006

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If you are interested in more information on drug screening, visit our FAQ board on Drug Testing