Monday, September 18, 2006

Treating Opiate Addiction with Buprenorphine Therapy in a Local Physician's Office

Pittsburg family physician, Dr. Melinda Campopiano, is responsible for treating the health issues of her community from the common cold to diabetes to weight issues and now this includes addiction. She talks about her experiences treating addiction with Buprenorphine. (Posted: Sept. 14, 2006)

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A Family Physician Discusses Treating Her First Opiate Addicted Patient

Dr. Melinda Campopiano discusses treating her first patient with Buprenorphine, and the positive effect of the treatment.(Posted: Sept 10, 2006)

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Tribute to the late Dr. Vincent Dole

The BBC offers tribute to Dr. Dole. An interview with Robert G. Newman, MD, sheds light on the man who was a pioneer in the field of addiction treatment. (Posted: August 4, 2006)

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